A Useful Tool For Your Online Network Marketing Sales Funnel

One of the most critical aspects to long term success in internet marketing, and in this respect in regards to network marketing online, is testing, tracking and tweaking your sales funnel. In particular, I wanted to give you an idea of why you need to be using one of Google’s lesser known online tools, Google Website Optimizer, with particular emphasis on testing your sales funnel.

Obviously when you have set out to start creating your online network marketing sales funnel you have done considerable research into your competition and target market, you’ve developed some highly targeted products and you’ve set up a process for your prospects to move through. However we all know that your target market, competition and business in general NEVER remain the same. There are always forces that act upon them that will change what they are looking for or how they operate. It is for this reason that you have a duty to YOUR network marketing business and in particular to your sales funnel to evolve and move with your target market, but stay ahead of your competition.

To stay ahead you need a sales funnel that ultimately converts better than your competition, and the way to do that is test everything you are doing, down to the minute details of your squeeze pages, sales pages and website in general. That’s exactly the mindset you need to take into your online network marketing.

So essentially what Google Website Optimizer allows you to do is run different versions of your different website pages, and each time it will randomly alternate the different versions of that page. What I recommend is taking one variable of the website, e.g. the title (it could be the content of the title or it could be the colour of the title) and then test your existing title with one or two alternatives. From there you wait until each page has been visited 400 times (why 400? Good question. But someone has actually tested how many website visitors you need to make an informed decision about what’s better and 400 come up as the key number).

In addition to Google Website Optimizer you should then be testing conversions with Google Analytics, therefore you will be able to differentiate how many opt ins came from the different versions of your website. In essence all you are doing is taking one element within your sales page or squeeze page and trying to improve it by testing different versions against each other. Very simple concept. Very few people do it and hence why so many people have in effective online network marketing sales funnels.

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