Internet Marketing Sales – The Secrets to Improving Your Conversion Rates

Marketing vs Making Conversions

There are many network marketers who still aren’t clear on the distinction between marketing a product, service or business system and converting leads to a sale. Marketing can best be described as getting your product out there for people to see, the next step is to get them to buy it. Keep reading and I’ll offer some helpful advice on making successful internet marketing sales.

Internet Marketing

Marketing online is significantly less expensive than more traditional off line media outlets (TV, radio, magazines, etc.) and has the capacity to globalize your network marketing. In order to convert your internet marketing sales efforts into conversions you’ll have to have a firm hold on the heart beat of your potential leads.

How to Make the Sale

1. Develop a clear picture of who your ideal leads or customers look like. Decide what age groups, socioeconomic status, income, career and interests your customer base is most likely to come from. Write a list of the characteristics your market has and use that information going forward. Consider this information the foundation of your marketing campaigns.

2. Once you’ve identified the general characteristics of your ideal customers, develop a list of the struggles, stumbling blocks or issues that your customers are experiencing in relation to your product. In other words, why will anyone need to or want to buy what you’re selling.

3. Next is a little more difficult but is absolutely necessary to your marketing efforts. You need to identify what it is about your business that sets you apart from the hundred other guys selling the same thing. What about you, your product or service is unique. Spend some time spying on your competition and notice some areas in which they may be weak. Pounce! Do those things better and let your potential customers exactly why you’re the smarter choice than Joe Competitor.

4. You’ve done your homework, here’s where the magic happens. Using all the information you have gathered put together a clear and compelling “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP). Explain why your product addresses the customers’ needs and what is so different about what you are offering compared to Mr. Joe.

Business Success

Your USP should be an organic message, ever changing based on market trends, consumer habits and a plethora of other factors. Assess your USP on a continual basis. Keep very careful track of how well your campaigns are performing. Know your site traffic, bounce rate and conversion rates. Analyze who is purchasing from you and compare that with your ideal client from Step 1. If your actual customers are different than you’d expected, adjust your internet marketing sales pitch so that it offers a more accurate picture of who your potential leads are.

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